'Little Wing' (busking)
FREE DOWNLOAD WEEK! - To celebrate the first month of our Patreon page, and as a special THANK YOU to my patrons, I will be posting a free download every day for the next 6 days. On the 7th day, I will post a very special song, EXCLUSIVELY FOR PATRONS. The song is called 'DESERVING', a recording I did in the nineties as SATTVA, with the amazing JANE BENNETT on lead vocal. It is my favorite song on the album 'MANDOLINING IT', which is no longer available. I have produced a remastered copy which will only be available to patrons. This is my way of showing my enormous gratitude to my patrons and to encourage others to become patrons. Here is the first song in the series, a busked version of the classic Hendrix song 'Little Wing', very different from the original. It won't be released anywhere else. I will post a download link exclusively for my patrons immediately after this posting. Enjoy!
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