Live Broadcast and New Video on Monday
Ahoy Patrons! Thank you for hanging in with us! We've been working to create some of the best visually captivating content and you all have been so patient! On Monday July 10th at 5pm Alaska 9pm EST, we will be GOING LIVE on YouTube! All in hope that the Sitka, AK internet will suffice! We'd love to see you there and answer any questions you have along with suggestions. Shortly after the LIVE session, we will be first posting the film for only you Patrons to see. It will be live to the public a few days after. This year we are focusing on 20-30minute documentary episodes and will post 1 per month. We hope our content continues to inspire you. Thank you and cheers! Megan and Rob The next video focuses on Hoonah, where at least 1 grizzly per square mile scatters the vast landscape.