Live Chat and Movie Watching with The Normies this weekend!!!
Hello to all of our awesome Patrons! We have some events coming up this weekend to reward ALL of our Patrons, but most importantly our $3 Patrons and our $25 Patrons!

---For the $25 Patrons!---

MOVIE NIGHT - Finding Dory!

We will be watching Finding Dory LIVE with you all! We will post a link to the stream at 2:00pm EST this Sunday 11/27 for all of our $25 Patron members! For those of you that can't make it we will post the link for you to watch on demand anytime you like! GET EXCITED!!

*Just make sure to have your own copy of Finding Dory handy so you can watch along with us, we will not be showing the inset video for the movie.

---For the $3 Patrons!---


At 2:00pm EST on Saturday 11/26 We will be posting a link to a YouTube livestream and you will be able to chat with us live! We will be reading the chat aloud so you can ask us questions about any topic, say random stuff, or even bring up old Normies stuff (oo I member!).  You never know what is going to be said when we're live!

---For ALL Patrons!---

We will post the link to the livestream video after we're done. You won't be able to participate but you can check it out whenever you like. It will not be uploaded to YouTube.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE NORMIE FAMILY! We are using your continued support to help us grow further!