Live Chat/Short Answer Friday Question Gathering for 8/3
Hello! If you have a question for Friday's short answer roundup, post it here. 

$10+ patrons get first dibs (access starting Thursdays), all patrons get access starting Friday mornings, and all blog readers (incl. Patrons) are always welcome to submit questions via Twitter (#awkwardfriday, @CAwkward). I try to answer things in the order they come, time permitting, and holdovers get pushed to the following chat. 

It's been really fun (and productive-feeling) to answer a lot of different things in a short time frame, and I have a GREAT holdover question that I've been thinking about for days: 

Dear Captain, 
What is an unreasonable amount of time to spend in couples counseling for a relationship? 
Is there an amount of time, past which it is healthy/wise/whatever to start to consider the Sunk Cost Fallacy?
Thank you very much for all you do! 
- Verbose

I have Thoughts. 

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