Live DJ Mix Recording from Full Tilt, Seattle, 12/13/14
Here's a recording of my set from a party in Seattle last weekend, also serving as sort of a re-cap of my year's music activities. This is a free download! Mixed live on CDJ's at Full Tilt Columbia City Help me keep making rad stuff at: TRACKLIST: Intro (Nagisa Cosmetic) Especia / Ya-Me-Te! (Pete Ellison Remix) [Bootleg] Pete Ellison / Lumberjack 2 The Sound (Side A) [Datafruits] [Free DL] Pete Ellison / Climb 'N Smash [Cheer Up Records] [Free DL] M-Flo / Butterfly (Pete Ellison Remix) [Unreleased] Pete Ellison x Hatsune Miku / Get Lucky [Cheer Up Records] Pete Ellison x Ani-Rock! / Hikari [Cheer Up Records] Pete Ellison / Signal Up!! Noise Down!! [Cheer Up Records] [iTunes] Pete Ellison / My Ting-A-Ling [Datafruits] [Free DL] Seacuke / Wau (Pete Ellison Remix) [Datafruits] [Free DL] Especia / X-O (Pete Ellison Remix) [Bootleg/Datafruits] [Free DL] Pete Ellison / Invader House (Vocal Bootleg) [Trekkie Trax] [Free DL] Pete Ellison / Who Bootlegged? [Datafruits] [Free DL] Pete Ellison / Shit Keeps Falling [Trekkie Trax] [Free DL] Pete Ellison / Freak Me Out [#Peteclub / Patreon Exclusive] Pete Ellison / The Cosmos (Carpainter Remix) [Trekkie Trax] [Free DL] Download individual releases: