Live Event for August
This month's Live Event will be 'Photography for Illustrators'

Few things can help improve an illustrator's end product more than a great piece of reference. Find out how to get that perfect shot that's going to help push your realism to the next level.

In this 2 hour demo, we will discuss and demonstrate a variety of photography topics that specifically pertain to illustrators, including:

- Hiring & Paying Models

- Lighting Techniques

- Action Poses

- Blending Reference

- Photographing Original Art

Please join us Saturday, August 26th from 3-5 PM EST for this highly informative demonstration and lecture.

As usual, all $5 Patrons get access to the live event, and $10 Patrons receive a digital download of the demo afterwards. $10 Patrons will also receive access to all of the hi-resolution photos, to use for their own work, royalty-free.

How it works:

If you're a $5+ donor, check our Patreon page an hour or so before the live event and you will see a new post appear with a link. Click it, and enjoy!

If you are a $10 Patron, come back again a few days later, and you'll see a new post appear with a download link. Again, just click it, and you're all set!