LIVE lettering workshop tomorrow! You coming?
Tomorrow at 5:00pm PST we are doing our weekly live lettering workshop where I teach you different ways to draw and decorate your letters. :)

This Sunday is EXTRA special because we have a new workbook called Celestial coming out! During this live stream I'll show you how to conquer the hardest letters step by step with extra tips not in the workbooks. 

You'll also see my process putting these letters together in a new piece I'm making for the cover of this June issue. Drawing letters is easy, but putting them together in a phrase is a whole other story. 

Keep in mind these weekly lettering workshops and early access to workbooks are for $15+ patrons only! So now is a great time to upgrade to get access to these weekly workshops. 


If you can't spare the extra cash, no pressure. $7 patrons get their new workbooks on Monday! So cool things are coming people!

$15+ Patrons, stay tuned for the exclusive stream link that will drop in your inbox tomorrow with early access to the workbook 1 hour before we go live. Gah I'm seriously so excited about this lettering style and live workshop guys! I think I may just do a few giveaways! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

I'm fine. Enjoy your Saturday.