Live Rehearsal Video of Super Mario!
Hey Guys!

The band and I have been rehearsing all week in preparation for my UK Tour starting this weekend!! I'm excited and a bit nervous, eeee!  

I wanted to share one of the songs we'll be playing live, "Super Mario Bros." from my "GAME ON!" album.  During the tour, we're actually playing the entire record, plus music from "Hollywood's Greatest Themes" and "Cello Metal."

This was yesterday afternoon at Mates in North Hollywood, and the middle section features an epic drum solo by the amazing Frank Klepacki, who's a video game music composer in his own right, having written music for tons of Games, including Command & Conquer, Blade Runner, Lion King, Star Wars: Empire at War, and Dune II.

Hope you guys enjoy this little sneak peek, and if you're near Manchester or London, hope to see you at the shows in a few days!

Manchester: Oct 30 & London: Nov 1