Live Stream from The Commodore Bar & Grill, Nashville, TN
Hey fam! Last night I played one of my favorite writer's nights in town - Taryn Lambeth's "The Artist Round @ The Commodore." 

Here's the link to the stream!

Taryn is a sweet sweet friend of mine (who is also an insanely talented singer/songwriter) who hosts the round. She wasn't there last night, but her buddy Bro filled in and provided some great sound for the room.

Here's my first attempt at live streaming a show on Facebook live! Note to self: Turn off Portrait lock. Lol

The other writers on stage are now two more of my favorites - Josh Beale and Jenna  McDaniel. They are killer performers and amazing songwriters. You can follow them here:

Josh Beale:

Jenna McDaniel:

Happy Fri-yay, Patreon fam! Kick up some dust this weekend!!