Live Stream Trivia III Leaderboard Final & Prizes + NEW Challenge!
Whoa - I'm finally catching up with posting the final Leaderboard from last Fall's Live Stream Trivia Challenge III.

Sorry for the delay, but not to worry 'cause Live Stream Trivia Challenge IV starts tonight! ...details below.

Paul Hardy FINALLY wins it all with 9 pts overall. Congrats, man.

You win your choice of a 10 song setlist, including 1 NEW song for me to learn for an upcoming Patreon live stream show.

Timmy Deaton takes 2nd place with 7 pts - good job :)

You win 1 NEW song for me to learn for an upcoming Patreon live stream show.

Eleanor Christina captures 3rd place with 6 pts - her first time in the top 3 prize winners. Congratulations, babe!

You win the chance to pick and ask 2 of the upcoming questions in the next Live Stream Trivia Challenge. #boom

* * * * *

Live Stream Trivia Challenge IV began last night with BOOM THURSDAYS and will run through August 5. Anyone on Patreon can play at anytime!

The top 3 winners from the previous 2 Challenges will compete in their own "Rockstarz" Division. Everyone else will battle it out in the "SuperFanz" Division. The winner of each Division by August 5 will get their very own Songlet written by me just for them. #boom

I will post a weekly Leaderboard right here on Patreon so everyone knows where everyone stands.

The Rockstarz Division will begin with the following competitors:

Tim Deaton / Paul Hardy / Mason Frost / Di Gaedtke / Eleanor Christina / Faye Thompson & Alison Phelan

... let the Games begin!