Live Streaming and completed Patreon orders!
Hello Patreons!  

As many of you may be already aware, Live Geek has been undergoing some bigtime personal changes, with the two head honchos deciding to seperate! 

If you didn't know, that's OK too!  We are both doing great, living comfortably in our own homes, and Mini Geek Tristan is so far loving having two completely different bedrooms and toy selections!

Due to the seperation and all of the emotional and legal business that had to be attended to, all of my scheduled Patron rewards were delayed.  I sincerely apologize for that, however, if you are due for a reward (or even two in some cases), they will be shipping out on Monday!  

Going forward, Live Geek will be run mostly by me, Shanda, and while Andrew will still be involved in the cons and craft shows, expect that I will be the one taking and completing all of your custom orders from here on!

GREAT NEWS!  Last night, I did my very first test live stream on Twitch.  There are a few bugs to work out (my computer desk is not really set up for multiple cameras and my face cam decided to kaput halfway in!) but I will be starting to do regular streaming at least once per week once my new equipment arrives and I figure out the proper setup for the best view of the beading!  Right now, I am very excited to finally be working on my giant Goku!

Tune in to tonight after 5pm for another short testing stream!