Live streams\ and video bumpers?
So...question for all y'all. What would you think about an occasional live stream via Twitch? Not of anything I'm currently doing on Youtube of course--I'd never interrupt a video series like that. But maybe of some other games? I don't know what it would be or anything, I'd probably just pick some stuff that I find fun and would want to share at first to see if it's even a good idea.  Is that something anyone would care about? They'd be inconsistent, not regularly scheduled, but I would give you all a heads up at least a few days before. And most would probably be on weekends, for an hour or two. Thoughts? Feedback? Don't care at all? Let me know!

Also, is there any interest in me whipping up some sort of bumper/intro for my videos? Or do you like just jumping right into them the way we do now? Let me know!