LIVE TONIGHT - Paradigm Shift Destiny School: Sacred Geometry. Thurs July 7, 9pm+ EST
Attention fellow students of the cosmos!

You are invited to tune and take part in the upcoming co-created video community class for Paradigm Shift Destiny School about Sacred Geometry!

Live Online Thurs, July 7, 9pm+ EST

Sacred Geometry is everywhere within everything. It is an observation of consistent underlying patterns and proportions found through nature and across dimensions. What does studying Sacred Geometry help teach us about the nature of this metaphysical reality? Why were ancient cultures so attracted to it? What keys does it hold for our future in terms of art, science, and a bigger understanding of ourselves?

All students are welcome to join and encouraged to prepare notes ahead of time to contribute to the recording and overall presentation of information for the community.

Bookmark the page, share the link, invite your friends, be a part of the class, and help explore more of the mystery together!

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