Live Tonight and Other Things
Trying to ensure I'm live on Youtube every Tuesday to give my subscribers some love as well. I'll be up tonight round 8:30 PM Central (Not 100% exact but I'll be close) to show off my Rig and Adobe Character Animator. If you've swung by my Picarto you've probably caught a glimpse or two of her, but tonight will be my major test for going live.

Of course once she's all done I will put her up here for my patrons to use. I don't have many patron only posts but this will be one of them. After tonight I"ll probably be taking a short animation hiatus to work more on some writing.  Trying hard not to burn myself out, which can be difficult at times.

Meanwhile I managed to sell a pair of coffee mugs so I will also be working on a restock for my next major sales event in a month. Trying to shift from mostly wine glasses to coffee mugs. It's a bunch of work but hey, pays the bills and occasionally gets a lil extra cash. This time it was enough to find a used copy of The Animators Survival Kit that I could afford, so quick shout out to Duo Cartoonist as a thank you for the recommendation.  I can't wait till it comes in and hopefully y'all will see an increase in the quality and speed of my animations.

Till then I'm sitting in my breakfast nook working amongst my indoor plants. I've got supper in the oven and I'm in a rather good mood as I watch the birds fix their nests, squirrels play, and hoping the doe (Rora named her Angela) will come back so I can watch how she moves. Gotta enjoy the little things in life.