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Live Video, pre- and review, and more video!

It´s summer! (Scaringly early.) And I am terribly behind so this is the first of three posts (but the only Thing for May)!  

It´s festival time! I guess you noticed how excited I was because of WGT :-D here you can see why! Hey- it´s 25.000 Goths meeting in one of my favourite German cities, isn´t that enough?  

I made our final show at legendary Sixtina, filmed by the boss himself, your Thing for this month. Here you can watch it:  

More videos from WGT:

Playing at the Viktorianisches Picknick, without any electricity except USB batteries:

Acoustic charity gig on the street:  or 

and the other main gig at Victorian Village was filmed properly but I don´t have the file yet - will be soon I guess :-D

Here´s photos from the Thing video by Schwarze Gräfin:

to be continued in the next post…

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