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The Lives and Works of the Hellenistic Astrologers
Episode 62 of the podcast features an extended discussion on all of the major astrologers of antiquity, basically giving you a bit of a crash course in the first 1000 years of the practice of horoscopic astrology:

This is a solo show where I focused on what I've been working on in my book over the past month, and since I just finished a chapter on the Hellenistic astrologers I thought it would be good to talk about that for a while in this episode. Of course, since I had just got done doing so much research over the past few weeks I kind of went overboard when I recorded this episode yesterday, and it turned into a three and a half hour talk, which is a new record for the podcast. 

The talk is a mixture of historical, technical, and random personal anecdotes about the ancient astrologers in order to humanize them.  One of the points that I made early on is that when you actually read the texts of some of these astrologers you realize that they were actually surprisingly similar to us, and for the most part many of the fundamentals of life are still the same today as they were back then.  So, I wanted to try to convey some of that when I could with a few stories about some of the Greco-Roman astrologers. 

The book writing is going well, and I'm making pretty good progress.  I've got one more episode of the podcast to record for the month of January, which is the forecast episode we are recording tomorrow, and then I'm back to writing.  It was kind of nice being able to take a break from it to record episodes of the podcast over the past week, and it provides a nice outlet for talking about some of the stuff I'm working on.  I realize that some of these discussions are a bit more historical or focused on ancient stuff than usual, but I hope they still come across as interesting and informative.  Next month I'll be focusing more on the philosophy chapter of the book, and then after that I'll move into the techniques, so I'm sure there will be some technical episodes coming up before too long. 

Thank you for supporting my work and research by making contributions to the podcast!  It really helps to keep things going as I'm taking time off work to write the book over the next few months.  So, in a way you are all helping me to write the book right now, which feels great!  So, thank you! 

Until next time!