Hi guys! I’ll be doing a Halloween livestream this Sunday 9 PST. See you there!
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Charlotte Fam!
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YAY! Welcome to my family! Thank you for your support. Now You will be seeing more of what I have to offer! I'll be posting ad-free pre or post filming vlogs & hauls of props!

*FYI The ascending tier names represent my evolution through the years. Fun nicknames from friends and fam XD

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Names Names Names!
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I will make a video saying your names/nicknames/usernames or all of the above! The First Names Video 
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Triggers For Sleep!
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My Triggers To Help You Sleep video will have your trigger requests! You will also get tier 2 :)
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Sneak Peek!
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You will get the first viewing for one to all of my videos once published! You will also get tier 2 and 3!
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Free mp3 From Me!
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You will get all mp3s of the best of each month's videos.
Also 2, 3 & 4 reward :)
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 The world will know that you supported with your name included in the credits of my movies! You will also get the lower tiers ^_*
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You're GREAT! Still finalizing on what to do for you wonderful supporters. I will be sending you a personalized "Thank You" card, just be sure to send your address when you pledge. Just know I am grateful for you being here. 

In the meantime, please enjoy all other rewards =)
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