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Success! I have my laptop back and it seems to work. Course, they wiped the drive clean so I'm having to rebuild everything from scratch, but I'm getting there. I think I can have it all together by tomorrow. To give myself a little extra time, I'm going to make the chat a little later in the day--tomorrow (Sunday the 10th) at 4 pm CST (figure out when that is for you). You'll receive an email in advance which I believe will contain a link making it easier to join. I hope you'll all come. Even if you can't stay long, drop by to say hello.

And then afterwards...who's going to see Star Trek II in the theaters again! Holy smokes--IMAX!


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THANK YOU! Everything helps. You will receive access to everything I post on the Patreon page, including messages, blogs, videos, early cover photos, and other fun and enlightening goodness.
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Triple Thank You! In addition to the rewards above, you'll receive a periodic message from me that only patrons get about what I'm writing, life, the universe, and anything I else that comes to mind. Future collectors items, no doubt. Photos, too.
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Everything above, plus you'll receive a digital download of a printable puzzle constructed by yours truly exclusively for my patrons four times a year. I've had several crosswords run in The New York Times, so I know what I'm doing. 
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In addition to the above rewards, you'll receive a digital download of all the novels, stories and poems sponsored by this Patreon. You'll read it before anyone else, and in some cases, you'll read material not available anywhere else.
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Everything above, plus you'll be my new beta readers. You'll receive the earliest version of everything--poems, stories, and novels, and you'll have a chance to give me feedback, while I revise. You'll be thanked in the Acknowledgements, as beta readers should be. Patrons have already received beta copies of my next novel.
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In addition to everything above, Red Sneaker patrons will be entitled to attend one of my writing retreats each year without paying the registration fee. Check it out--this is a $499 value. They will also receive 50% off all editing by yours truly, another huge value (details about editing and critique on my webpage).
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People pledging at this level will receive unlimited attendance at writing retreats, unlimited access to teaching materials, as well as unlimited editing and critique, by me personally, at no cost. You can email me or send me material to review for feedback at any time. Basically, I'm your new writing coach. And I'm a very hands-on coach.
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Pledge at this level and every time I mail one of those print works, yours will be personally signed and ILLUSTRATED by me. Okay, I'm not Picasso, but I do okay, and since I'll do each of these individually, you'll have a collector's item no one else has.
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On this level, you'll have my seriously undying gratitude, and that of my family, and while that won't pay any bills, it's something. In addition to all the above, you can choose a character name in every novel I write while you're my patron, starting the first month you pledge. Good guys or bad guys, you choose.
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This would be a level of generosity too awesome for me to contemplate, but if you feel moved to do it, you're my new best friend. And in addition to all the above rewards, you can choose the character, setting, and general subject matter for a short story. Want a story from Ben's childhood? Want a solo story for Christina? Want to see Susan Pulaski back in action? Want a Christmas story? All you have to do is ask.
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