Livetweeting Sera Myu: The Eternal Legend (and Bonus Quest For Glitter)
Here's the Storify! With bonus Eurovision Quest For Glitter because, um, I am terrible with scheduling and remembering dates and forgot it was Eurovision day. In brief:

Sera Myu: The Eternal Legend was amazing and I heart it so much and next week we're watching the revised musical, which is also the final day for Anza's run as Usagi/Sailor Moon, as well as Ayako Morino (Ami/Mercury), Misako Kotani (Rei/Mars), Akari Tonegawa (Makoto/Jupiter), Sanae Kimura (Haruka/Uranus), Hiroko Tahara (Michiru/Neptune), Rei Saitou (Setsuna/Pluto), Sayuri Katayama (Seiya/Star Fighter), Momoko Okuyama (Yaten/Star Healer), and Sakoto Yoshioka (Princess Kakyuu).

It will be emotional. It will be filled with ad libs. It will be revised. It will be GLORIOUS. But this week was already GLORIOUS. I had some minor narrative quibbles. Like "Why doesn't Usagi remember Queen Beryl?" and "But do we have enough backstory to really back this up if you only watch the musical?", but mostly I've just been swept up in this musical and enjoyed it. It was fun and filled with all the things I love about Sailor Moon and Sera Myu as a whole. This musical contains one of my favourite Myu songs ever (the first Reprise of Orleans no Sei Senshi, also known as "When the musical followed the anime and Haruka and Michiru became Tragic Queers until Usagi saves the day".)

Eurovision: Following 2017's venture into an Alternate Dimension, Eurovision was dominated by the colours black and white and a distinct lack of glitter, with many participating countries assuming this is a genuine singing competition rather than a colourful glitterfest which pretends to be apolitical (and actually mostly wasn't this year) where stranger really is better because EUROVISION and Portugal taking the win by a possibly unprecedented landslide with a ballad. (Seriously, if you haven't seen Love Love Peace Peace before and want to understand Eurovision, click that link.)

I am too cynical for this year's Eurovision, but by then it was ridiculously late at night and so I hied it off to bed to watch the second half of the musical on Sunday and, lo, here is the Storify of both.

Next week, bring tissues. I will need a MOUNTAIN of tissues to get me through the musical next week.