Livetweeting Sera Myu - Transylvania no Mori (Revised)

As promised, tonight's musical is the revised version of Transylvania no Mori. You can read the Storify here.

There were, um, quite a few changes to this musical. The second half especially is massively different, with a far greater focus on the Samael/Sailor Quartet as enemies and a completely different role for Astarte that, while not working for my perfectly, works a lot better than the original musical did.

Also Dracul returns because Reasons and the tearful final scenes where everything is going wrong were tearful and upsetting and works masses and masses better for me as well. Some of the same plot issues remain and I don't think the musical manages to live up to its narrative potential even with the changes, but you know what? It was fun to watch and I got really caught up in it and, honestly, that's really the main thing I want from all these musicals and the original version, sadly, didn't give me that. At all.

I didn't even remember we were going to get a revised version. That's how badly I wanted to forget it. (Also, my memory is rubbish in general, but that's not nearly as dramatic to say.)

Next week we do get the third and last instalment in the Dracul trilogy! I double-checked.