Living a Dream!
I came to Boulder 4 years ago with no job, a few thousand dollars in my bank account, a lot more in student loan debt, and exactly zero sponsors. I didn't have a smart phone, but I had a small handheld video camera and a laptop. Everything I had fit into my manual transmission '97 Rav 4. I may not have had much in financial terms compared to "Boulder bubble" standards, but I had my health and I had Big Dreams. I feel very fortunate to say now that most of those dreams have already come true! Thanks to the support of family and friends, sponsors, and the extreme generosity of the running community (people such as yourself!), I have been able to "live the dream." Through getting to create videos on YouTube, to running races and exploring trails and cultures in different areas I have been an extremely lucky guy. There isn't a single day that I take for granted. Thank YOU for all your support over the years and for making this all possible! Onward!

-Coach Sage