Living in Grace
I wanted to share with you all an experience I'm going through right now. I've been reading a lot of self-help and motivational books  since I was young.  My mom was always into this genre. I always found it magical and something more powerful than I. I knew there was always greater force governing my life. God, was just someone I called on for help and then given acknowledgement when remembered. 

Big changes have been happening in my life in a very unexpected way. As a freelance designer my means of income has drastically declined during these past few months, it was time for me to start looking for work. I know I'm not a 9-5 type-of-person and I was not going to give up the freedom  I've come to love. I was willing to do work but it had to be on my own terms even if pay might be small. I did what any person would do when they are in financial trouble. I turned to my family. My family owned a small resort south of Cebu, Philippines. I offered my services to my dad and worked with him. My pay was small but sufficient. I never had any intention to manage the business before because I made an independent decision to do my own thing.

I use to visit my dad once a month because the 3 hour travel in bus can be taxing but for some reason I was compelled to visit him every week. In one month, our business began to change dramatically and we've renovated the front. It's been about  3 years since it was last renovated and now it looks like a new resort and has a stronger online presence with the new website I designed for him.  Aside from the improvements in our family business, I feel the quality time I get to spend with my dad has greatly strengthen our bonds and now my brothers have come around to talk to me more often.

We are adults now with individual lives and homes, we rarely meet and visiting dad is the only time we can hang in person. I've become a lot more compassionate towards them and have become the less nagging older sister too. Through my 3 hour trips I listen to a lot self help audio books and it helped me reflect on a lot things. I found that forgiveness is something hard for me to sincerely do.  I consider myself someone who holds grudges and never forgets anything done wrong to me or others I care about. I've come to accept my mistakes and my family's flaws too. 

I've become a lot more balanced. I've also been praying often to God for all the blessings I see and feel in my life as well as the ones yet to come. Making peace with my family was one the greatest release I've had on my shoulders and mind. The more I pray the lighter I feel and recently my online work has picked up. I've been positively visualizing what I want happening in my life and then I ask God to make it happen or give me something better.

My belief in God has gotten stronger and more apparent as I see good things happening to me and the signs he sends me. I've been seeing big brown butterflies (a symbol for coming money) and a rainbow (a symbol of hope). I just know that I'm on the right path and I'm living with the grace of the almighty. I wanted to share this story because I just feel so grateful that I am experiencing miracles on a daily basis and wish you to see your own happening today. 

I'm currently working on not being too hard on myself and now seeing the good in people where I ever I go. Sometimes I find myself for blessing strangers while riding on a public jeepney. I find it very healing to wish good on others aside for myself.