Living with Data
 "By 2020, the average person will generate 1.5GB of data each day.  That's small compared to a self-driving car, which will generate some  4TB of data per day, or a smart factory that will create a petabyte of  data in a day." - Brian Kzranich, Intel CEO 

This quote the CEO of Intel really got my attention.  As humans, in a number of years, we will be generating 1.5GB worth of data as we go about our daily lives.  Just like how much water do we use, the data we create will be an important measure for companies looking to use data for innovation and profits. 

I stopped and took a moment to brainstorm how data may have been collected on me throughout my routine.  From exercise to eating habits to the digital photos I take, so much of my daily life is digital.  That means my "interactions" with this digital world are stored on a server, somewhere.  

While not scary in itself, the concept of all of us this data being compiled into one database and then used to influence my future does scare me. When will insurance companies use our "steps" data to determine how much insurance we pay?  When does Amazon automatically start sending me my favorite deodorant?  When does our eligibility for a job come down to the algorithm written by a coder in a tech company with no experience in my field? 

The future with data can be bright.  It can also be very dark.  HAL might tell you soon that you should have tea instead of coffee, and forget about the chocolate covered strawberries on Valentines Day.   

Let's start talking about it.  I created a Facebook called "Life With Data"   (there is no relationship to anything else with the same name) so we can start the conversation.  Let's simply start out with the intersection of daily life and the digital world.  

Don't miss out, join the conversation on "Life with Data". 

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