Liz: A Devout, Kind Priestess
Liz is a friend of mine on facebook that I met here in San Antonio. She's always been super nice, but I didn't really get to know her too well. However, since we became facebook friends, I've been able to watch her, and see her likes and interests. Liz is a very religious individual. She also recently was diagnosed with cancer, and has - so far - beaten it. \o/ We are hoping for the best from here on out, too. Cancer sucks.

I enjoyed writing this intro simply because it felt like I was doing one kind thing for someone who was having a rough go at life. I wanted her to know how wonderful I think she is. While Liz's intro is short, I think it still shows her happiness, and kindness she shows to others.


 A young boy’s tears lessened considerably as the faint green glow dimmed around the elven priestess’ hands. “There,” she said, “Does that feel better?”
The young boy looked down at his pants. A ripped hole with a deep red outline was the only indication of the boy’s injury. He looked amazed, then excited. Without haste, he hopped onto his now mended legs and wrapped his arms around the priestess before him.
“Thank you, sister Liz!” he cried out enthusiastically.
“Think nothing of it, dear,” she replied, returning the hug in kind. “Go on now. Go back to your friends. Mind the roots, this time, dearheart!”
“I will!”
The boy happily skipped out of the small grove, and back to where his three friends were waiting to continue their game of tag. A small smile curved upon the lips of the brown-haired priestess as she watched the child leave. There were many among the elves who could be perceived as kind. Very few, however, could match the kindness of Priestess Liz.