Lizard Wizard lineart
The original. Enjoy.
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Yay! =D

  • Basic access to hidden content. Everything I'm shy to show on DA.
  • Even this much matters, I'm happy to see your support. It helps. Thank you.
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Way to go! =3

  • I make a voodoo doll of you and hug it every day.
  • This makes me extra happy. ^__^ Thank you.
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"Rainbow, you rock! Woohoo!" XD

  • I bring a mouse I caught to you in the morning.
  • This makes me double extra happy with crunchy cheese on top! =D Thanks a bunch! 
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That's a lot! o_o

  • My gratitude grows like a mighty oak through the concrete ceiling. Thank you! 8D
  • Since it's a price of a commission artwork, I can make a simple pencil drawing for you once a month. My standard restrictions, in short: whatever you could show to your 5 year old daughter. Any cartoon animal. Scooby, Altivo, Pikachu, Donkey... Have fun giving me a challenge that would make me sweat. ^__^'
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You're serious, huh?

  • Higher for hire. Papa-bear will deliver your jewels, defend it from pirates and all that sober!
  • If I could dance I would. =3
  • I can make an OC for you, following your description. My standard restrictions. Don't forget it's a price of 2-3 pencil artworks by me so I can't spend weeks on it but after a few months of pledging or for a large enough donation I can put real efforts into making it a unique character with a comprehensive char-sheet for you. Stay sane, it's still a voluntary donation, but I'm available for hiring. ^__~
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