Llama SuperSmooth version 1 is now public!

It's out, yay!

Llama SuperSmooth is a mod that puts sims into categories depending on how important they are. They are then prioritized depending on their status to prevent autonomy from overloading the game. In addition to that, it also smooths out the animation transitions between two interactions if the game is lagging.

A manual/guide is going to come soon, but since my back has been hurting really badly the past few days, it's been delayed. Hope you enjoy! 

To install, just toss the .ts4script in your Mods folder, and turn on Script Mods in the Game Settings!

Thanks to all of my wonderful Supporter Patrons for helping me out. It means a lot!


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PS: The rebuilt Llama TurboTravel converter is getting close to completion! Progress has slowed recently as I've been having all sorts of body pain, but it should come out within two weeks if everything goes well!

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