Loads of 20 Things Ready for Your Campaign!

Last week, Raging Swan Press released a flurry of new "20 Things" articles. As you'll recall from last week, we've changed our tremendously clever "20 Things" strategy so more posts pop up on the site. Thus, this week, we've got four "20 Things" articles for you!

I hope you find them useful and that they can find a place in your campaign!


All the above articles will appear in GM's Miscellany: 20 Things II, which releases in March 2017. But fear not, work on GM's Miscellany: 20 Things is well in hand and everything is chugging along nicely for an end of March release. 

And that's all for this week's post. Don't forget, if you've got a request for a "20 Things" article please leave a comment below and if you know someone who would enjoy Raging Swan's books please let them know about us!