Loads of options coming soon...
So, due to the new structure of the RPGCCs, there may be some months (as in last month) that I don't produce a lot of new packs. To compensate for this, I am in the process of coloring the previous RPGCCs that were only produced in grayscale and grouping them by themes into packs of 5 illustrations. So, if you've been wanting a particular image but weren't around to support it, you will get your chance to soon. Some have been completed with color while I am still working through others. If you don't care about colors, the grayscale art will be available as packs shortly. Also, if you select a grayscale version but paid at a color rate, you will receive the colored versions as soon as they are complete. Current themes that should become available: Fantasy (Loads of them) Martial Arts Modern Paranormal Post-Apocalypse SciFi Steampunk Superhero Western The above is a sample of what to expect. :) Hope this is good news to you guys. -James
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