LoB Scene: Dinklage's Dragon
In the 'Lots of Blood' story arc, some you noticed how similar it was to a certain popular HBO series. I admit, LoB was partly created as an excuse to draw fanart for that particular series without taking time away from the FE comic.

With a new season starting, I kept wondering how some scenes would work in the LoB world. Then Tyrion gave a monologue to dragons and I HAD to draw a version of it with Dinklage and Emilia!

I'm probably going to draw more of these in the future to cope with my chronic fangirlism as the season progresses. If you'd like me to keep posting them here let me know ~


By the way, fellow patrons - remember how today's Throwback Thursday was a link to the 'Lots of Blood' guide? When Dinklage closes his eyes, he's suppressing a particularly painful memory. If you read the guide carefully, you'll know exactly what it is.