LOG: Philadelphia Day 1
Wrote a LOG already for this, but the damn app quit on me and deleted the post. So here's what happened: Eleven hour bus ride from San Marcos to Abilene. Not too much happened, same smell of adult diapers and a guy yelling in his phone at the end of it. A night with Tanner and Melissa, buffalo cauliflower wings (google it it's amazing). Up at 6 am. A bit late for the DFW flight, but made it in time. Flight was fine, slept a bit, read some “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert (surprisingly really good). Landed, sketchy taxi driver (Tanner thinks he was listening to a Senegalese revolution leader’s preaching), EXCELLENT pizza at Blackbird Pizzeria (http://blackbirdpizzeria.com/) (Barbeque, Fajita slices). Took some ok film and a good VR shots. Will post for the VR people. Went to Rocky statue. Saw these two guys almost kill each other over a tshirt one stole and was trying to sell to us, the thief started barking, no joke. Then he walked back over and said hi and asked for a buck and we split. Rodin museum. It was closed by the time we got there, but I'll be back to Philly just for that if I have to take the bus (must be a million hours). I remember the time my dad and myself stumbled on a Rodin exhibit at the A&M College Station campus. I nearly wept with joy. I nearly genuflected or something. Went to a Chinese restaurant near the museum, very nice people, left in a haste because I clogged their toilet (IM SO SORRY.) Went to Starbucks. A man was talking loud there about things which disappeared a long time ago, schools, political leaders, he didn't smell too good. The employees gave him leftovers and he ate and drank his drink. Then we left and are now on the way to Kayla’s house or New York, whichever it is I can’t remember. I'm writing this in the dark and hope you read it and are happy where you are. Blessings, -J