The new Maple Bus and G1 Bus breakout boards!

I was able to get a 32 channel logic analyzer to use when working on the G1 and G2 Bus. I was planning on making my own logic analyzer but the DSLogic U3Pro32 was cheap enough that it made more sense to get.

I started creating an Altium Library for Dreamcast components, it's pretty basic currently. The idea is that it'll be easier to look up pinouts of various components and reverse engineer circuits, and of course someone could use it to create custom Dreamcast boards.

I've made a couple of social media accounts for Kairohm/Keep Dreaming Project, the posts will usually be stuff that I talk about here or on Discord. I'm also going to try streaming me working on stuff on Twitch, I did an impromptu unrelated stream already and there's a few kinks I need to iron out. The Twitch streams will also be uploaded to YouTube.