One of my goals is to produce promotional materials, including business cards.  Unfortunately, settling on a logo is a tricky process.  

I found a useful video series on logo design (which I started thinking about doing logos for others, and then remembered -  oh crap, I don't have a logo...).  The instructor is great and manages to get me thinking about branding without huge amounts of teeth pulling.  She suggests a mood board of some kind - just to see what is already there in my brain.  I started using a long-abandoned Pinterest account to collect design inspiration. 

  • I am a portlandia sketch, but I knew this
  • WOAH! That's a color palette! Blues, deep greens, red, black and white.

My next step is sketching to see what works.  Thanks for reading and supporting me!


You can see my board at I included a screen grab because of Pinterest's annoying habit of requiring a log in to see boards.

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