Lon Lon Ranch Cover
Started arranging this cover at 6:00 Sunday, and finished editing the video at 5:34. I chose an easy track on purpose just so I could finish it in time. I made this cover in honor of Zeldathon hosted by SuperMCGamer, where people play through the Zelda games to raise money for charity. Check it out! (the LINK is below, get it? Link?) This is the first cover to use my melodica, and I hope to get better at playing it the more I use it.

I'll be releasing a remastered version of this cover on my Patreon soon, so I'll actually have time to polish it.

Zeldathon: http://zeldathon.net/

Here's some of the equipment I used:

Auxiliary Percussion/Sax Mic: Blue Bluebird

Brass/Melodica Mic: Audix CX112B

Upright Bass Mic: Blue Yeti

Flugelhorn: Yamaha YFH631GS

Trumpet: Bach Stradivarius

Trumpet Mouthpiece: Shilke 14A

Melodica: Berkeleywind 2.5 Octave F2 C Melodica Piano

Piano: Kawai CE220 88 Wooden-Key Digital Piano

Piano MIDI: Steinway Grand Piano

Bass MIDI: Apple Jazz Bass (2015)

Electric Bass (real): Davison BASS235bk1

Drums MIDI: Levi Realistic Pop Drum kit (2015)

Electric Piano MIDI: Classic Electric Piano 16

Guitar MIDI: Classic Acoustic Guitar 13

Tamborine: Rythymtech Moon Tamborine

Egg Shaker: Dunlop Egg Shakers

Shaker: Rythymtech Cylinder Shaker


DAW: Reaper

Editor: iMovie (totally best editor ever)

"Camera": iPhone 5 (also totally best camera ever)

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