LONG Director's Commentary of Owning A Ramen Shop
Hey folks!This is the "Director's Commentary" on the "What Owning a Ramen Shop in Japan is Like" video. Director's commentary sounds pretentious, but.... well... moving on.

I made this to be part of the Patreon perks, but I felt so bad about not giving access to those that may want to learn more about shooting video, running a restaurant, or get some more background on the whole story. So this one I released into the public on the X channel. In the future, I may try and do an early release for Patrons (like 1 week in advance or something), and then make it public. I really don't know, as I hate walling off content as a HUGE motivation for me doing all this is to share. I remember when I was growing up, my favourite part of watching a movie was often seeing the bonus footage with behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, and commentary.I'm open to any advice, feelings, or opinions about what's the best way to handle this content and perks.  

Oh yeah, sorry for the ums. I say um a LOT. 

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