Coming to higher-tier supporters in the next couple of days:

I think I've mentioned how this came about already, but I'll just reiterate: after Tor decided they didn't want a third Extinction book from me, I temporarily shelved the outline I had, then dug it up later and decided to turn one of the central plot threads into a novelette. The Long Fall is also, now, part of that third book which I'm finally writing.

This isn't quite the same as what's going to appear in the book itself - back when I thought there wouldn't be a third book, I made adjustments so that this was more clearly a standalone story. 

Next month, I'm thinking of posting up either an excerpt from the work-in-progress, or a short story, Senseless, which up until now has only appeared in a small Scottish sf magazine called Shoreline of Infinity. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one when it arrives.