Long Live the Princess - Version 0.20.0

Long Live the Princess version 0.20.0 is now available for download. 

This month's update features practically all the fey creatures in the game, but the main focus is on the Fairy Queen and the Fey Court. The last time we visited the Fairy Queen was back in version 0.8.0, and at that time you left her hanging. It's time for you to pay her back.

If you've been following this game since the beginning (hey, thanks for sticking around! I appreciate it), you probably realize that this is the second time I've released a version 0.20. Thankfully, this is also the last time we'll run into problems like that. The previous 0.20 should have been numbered 0.2.0, but I hadn't quite settled on a numbering scheme yet. Suffice to say, this new version is the real 0.20.0.

I recently held a poll for patrons at the higher tiers, asking them if they wanted me to go back and improve some of the older sex scenes in the game and when I should do so. You might have noticed that the older scenes look far more primitive than more recent ones, often featuring just two frames of animation and some strange rendering choices. I want to bring them to the level of the more recent scenes, with at least 5 frames of animation, which I have found to be the sweet spot. Since the poll ended up being split relatively equally between improving the old scenes as soon as possible and at the end of the project, I decided to land somewhere in the middle and improve scenes when I have spare time. 

It so happens that I finished the core content in this update earlier than expected, so I went back and improved one of the oldest sex scenes as well as the renders surrounding it. I'm talking about the interrogation scene with Samarra and Nell, and the associated handjob. The entire sequence was weird for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the images were the most grainy of all renders in the whole game. Second, the "animation" had only two frames. Third, Nell looked really weird in some of these images because of a problem with her skin texture that I have since resolved. There are still a couple of scenes with her that might need fixing later, but for now, my focus was on this one. I recommend giving that scene another go to see the improvements for yourselves.

Anyway, that's enough rambling. Please enjoy the update!

Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 

Download for Android  (port by booom313

Changelog 0.20.0:

  • You may now revisit the Fey Court.
  • Multiple new scenes with the Fairy Queen.
  • New scene with the Leanan Sídhe.
  • Completely revamped visuals and animation for the interrogation scene with Samarra and Nell.
  • One new musical track
  • Experimental: Map is shown automatically when you visit the streets in town while no other events are occurring.
  • The map is now dimmed during nighttime.
  • Primrose's sex menu didn't show if you missed one of her optional scenes. It should now be visible if you've had sex with her at all.
  • Removed references to non-existing face animation for Evelyn that caused issues for Android users.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

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