Long Live the Princess - Version 0.24.1

Edit: Updated to version 0.24.1. Look below for patch notes. Android hotfix is coming later.

Edit 2: Added the updated walkthrough. Thanks, WTFosaurus!

Long Live the Princess version 0.24.0 is now available for download.

Phew, this update surprised me with how demanding it was to create. It's not a large update, but it took a lot of effort to create the renders for it. The changelog is shorter than usual, but don't let that fool you. I definitely didn't rest on my laurels for the past month.

If you played version 0.23.0, you should have a fairly good idea what you'll be doing in this one. You've finally brought Callie to the point where she might accept your advances, taking your relationship to a whole new level. It took us exactly two years to get here, but the day has arrived at last.

You'll also be able to hand in some of those panties you've been carrying around for ages, allowing Thaddeus to train your courage up to level 4. 


Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 

Download for Android (0.24.0) (port by booom313)  

Download the walkthrough (Updated for 0.24.1 by WTFosaurus. Original written by Augustus Commodus) 

Changelog 0.24.1:

  • Fixed a trigger that could cause Callie's new events from this update to happen too early and mess up progression.

Changelog 0.24.0:

  • Added a new scene with Callie.
  • Expanded Callie's threesome scene.
  • Courage training now goes up to level 4.
  • Transition text will now stay on the screen until you click to advance.
  • Various tweaks and fixes

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