Long Live the Princess - Version 0.27.0

Update: Added the walkthrough by WTFosaurus.

Long Live the Princess version 0.27.0 is now available for download.

Before this version of the game, we only had one secret left to solve: Primrose's dark secret. With 0.27.0, that secret is now available to solve, and the rewards for doing so enjoyed. Whatever you think Primrose's secret is, you're probably wrong. A few more pieces of the puzzle should start to come together with these developments, leading us ever closer to the endgame.

In addition to Primrose's secret, you now have the option to have fun with Nell after her transition into her new role as of the previous update. This assumes that she is your girlfriend and that you didn't put her through hell. But who would do that to poor Nell anyway, huh? 


Download for Windows 

Download for Mac 

Download for Android  (port by booom313

Walkthrough (Updated for 0.27.0 by WTFosaurus. Originally written by Augustus Commodus) 

Changelog 0.27.0:

  • Implemented Primrose's dark secret.
  • Expanded Primrose's existing sex scenes.
  • Added a new scene with Nell.
  • Added a SubscribeStar link to the main menu.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.

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