Long overdue update
Hey guys! I know I’ve been far too quiet lately, and I first and foremost wanted to apologize for not keeping you guys in the loop with what’s been happening.

Last year was one of the hardest years for me in so many ways, and towards the end of the year I had a complete emotional break from all the stress of everything that was happening. I never really took the time to recover and process everything that had happened, and over the last month it kinda just caught up with me with all the stress I had been putting myself trying to get ready for a con as well as juggling commissions, patreon stuff and life/family/relationship stuff on top of that and I just kinda cracked when Things kept going wrong with Bakugo. So I’ve been hermiting and avoiding social media and cosplay stuff for the last few weeks to recuperate and regroup, and after a brief little holiday, I’m feeling a lot more myself, so content will be finished and caught up on very soon!
I’ve also paused payments so you guys haven’t been charged and won’t be charged until I’ve caught up with everything again. Bakugo is just missing his gauntlets and wig, and Hell Harley needs some new hooves and a mask, then those will be shot and sent out along with all the other related rewards, including backed up print orders ❤️

I’m sorry for leaving you guys in the dark like this 😔 I feel like I’ve failed you terribly, but I’m working hard on getting everything out as soon as I can. I love you guys and I hope you’re all doing well!