Long overdue what's new update
Been re-writing AcePictureBot so stuff seems to be slow from the outside but work has been done.

With the old way AcePictureBot was done, if some changes were made I would have to update all (Twitter, Discord and others) at once. This kinda makes making a big chance for a single platform slow; because of this I've had to wait until I've finished all versions of AcePictureBot before pushing this upcoming update (as it changes file structure).

So what's new?
  • NSFW Support on Discord (this includes, MyWaifu and a lot of other commands. More info will come out soon for this.) 
  • New ideas for commands are coming together.
  • Improved speed (It used to take 1 - 2 seconds per command (not including sending the message), now we're looking at .1 to 1 second per command.)
  • The Picture Bots on Twitter will be coming to Discord (including the rip AceEcchiBot and AceNSFWBot) Note: These will be enabled through AcePictureBot for Discord, not their own bot.
  • The Picture Bots being cleaned up and fixed. (These bots have actually been broken for a very long time and are incredibly Inconsistent.) 
  • Inconsistent commands getting fixed. (source and !airing)
  • A new AcePictureBot website where you can see your most used commands and stats.
  • Discord games working! (Guess the anime from the anime theme playing voice, etc.)
  • and a lot small stuff.

Thank you for putting up with this slow update things are coming along great.

Thank you to the Patreons for keeping AcePictureBot advertisment free and supporting the project overall. You're the ones keeping this project alive thank you.