The Long Overdue Round-up
OK, March turned out to be...intense. Which resulted in radio silence over here, even though I have still been publishing The Mechanical Crown and the A Day of Faces audiobook. Let's do a quick catch-up link-a-thon:

The Mechanical Crown

Since we last checked in, I've published five new chapters and the intrigue has really started cooking. If you've missed any of them, find them here:

Crossing Borders - in which I obscurely reference my work at Writers' Centre Norwich.

Things Unsaid - in which lots is said.

The King's Eyes - which gives us another glimpse into Pienya's somewhat unhealthy psyche.

Staring from the gutters - in which it all kicks off.

Factions - which adds a few spokes to the spider's web of Lagonian politics.

Coming up this week is the chapter 'Door breaking', which is a good'un.

I'm hoping to post more BTS stuff soon.

A Day of Faces

Not quite so slack with this one, given its fortnightly schedule, but there's still two new episodes in the wild:

Vision - where we learn about one of Cal's other abilities.

Infection - in which the plan is put into action.

I'm also late posting the latest audiobook chapter - will get that sorted ASAP.

Fortunately, April is looking considerably quieter, so normal service should resume.

BTS content to come later this week.