Long Post Ahead.
I'm torn.

On the one hand, I love surprises. More than anything, I like twists and turns, not in an M. Night Shyamalan way, but in a good way. I just like to surprise people.

My How I Met Your Mother(s) story? A one-off, that I will return to in the future, if I ever have any downtime.

The Yule Ball Sequel thing? Since it was my first goal, I'm obligated to do it, but since no one specifically asked for it (patrons, anyway) then it's not really a priority.

The Wrestling post I did? A test. I don't know if I have a lot of Wrestling fans following me, but I've been heavily into it since 2008. Mostly WWE, but I dabble. It takes up a lot of my time (Raw, Smackdown, NXT, 205 Live, Aftershows, Podcasts, etc.). So I figured I could turn it into something productive.

The Twitch Streams? God, being on camera terrifies me, speaking to the public scares me somewhat less, and my house is far too crowded, and my internet is far too shoddy, but it's an experiment I know I'll come back to, because when I got into it on my first, actually successful stream (that didn't record), I was having fun about an hour and thirty minutes in.

The request I've gotten so far is for a Steven Universe story, in a crossover with Supernatural or at least Supernatural's humor, so I decided to go for the latter. You really don't want to disappoint that fanbase, and I've got a few theories of my own that will make the story quite fun, and put in a crossover of my own. Again, I love surprises.

So when I make a story, or I'm in the process of making a story, please don't take offense when I don't announce it. I'm just being very private about it, and even though I have a blog , you'll notice that I hardly ever update it with story.

I announced One More Time when it was done, and even then it was a special case because I was already working on the "super epilogue", which turned out to be chapters 5-9, or 6-10 to those that don't allow a chapter 0. Those chapters were meant to be for one person (a commission) and to be released at a later date to other patrons, and eventually to the public. I was very trigger happy with the release of the entire story, because if you followed me for a while, you'd notice that I usually put out a chapter seconds after I finish it, beta'ing be damned. Having a Patreon has made that remarkably better for me. Now I will wait a month to release it to the public, but more importantly, I check my work a dozen times before I release it to patrons - most of the time, at least.

I honestly believe that Patreon has helped me become a better writer, and a better organizer. I also believe that sometimes, I take it all for granted. Because when I write a story, I don't really take into account the time that has passed between chapters, and I try to translate that into the length of the chapters.

Because it's really weird for me. I can tackle a chapter with an average of 10,000 words in a couple of days, but it will take me months to figure out what I want in the damn chapter. I always start with something less than a 1,000 words, and just abandon it, on my laptop, for a very long time, until I just get the sudden muse or inspiration to have it all down on paper. And that's not how I should be writing. Should I?

Patreon gives me two options. "Per post" or "per month". I will continue the monthly option for now, but I will also increase my output of content, because I really don't want to be complacent anymore. I have a few ideas on weekly segments outside of writing that I could involve, and ficlet commissions are always open to Patrons in the appropriate price brackets, but I just want you to know that I'm serious about making writing into an actual job, and that's how I should start seeing it, but I will not stray from the idea of having fun or forcing myself to write something inferior. I just need some suggestions on what I should do or write inbetween those Writer's Block times.

Let's bring that goal back up again, and go farther than we ever dared. I've got plans, and you're going to want to see them.

Also, Expect a Steven Universe fic soon. I've been delaying because of research and new episodes. But now I think I'm ready.

But after that... possibly, I'll be visiting the world of Storybrooke, and see what kind of chaos I could cause there... (SwanQueen, probably)

Again, not much of an update, but I hope these waits are eventually worth it.