Long range RC-control link
It's interesting that vast majority of votes across 3 polls is in favor of a new long-range RC-control system (91%). Looks like this is what people's want.

Here's what I have in mind for this system:

- STM32 CPU running at 48MHz - 3 times faster than ATMega328 used in most OpenHardware LRS systems, twice as much firmware memory, 4 times as much RAM

- LoRa technology offering superior sensitivity and noise immunity

- 868MHz band (915MHz optional) - much less "polluted" by noise compared to widely used 433MHz

- OpenHardware - CC-BY-SA license, free for commercial and non-commercial use

- Hardware designed with DIY people in mind. No fine-pitch components, no BGA chips, no need to tune the RF part of the system

- Low BOM - cost of a DIY receiver will be as low as 10-15$

- Small receiver footprint, suitable for racing quads

- Racing mode with extremely high update rate (at cost of disabled telemetry and slightly reduced range)

- Some nifty features available to INAV pilots

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