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Long Shadows, fine art watercolor sketch
So let me be straight. All in a matter of a few days, my only car broke down costing me 1k+ using up all our emergency and Chanukah/Christmas funds, my autistic son got in BIG trouble at school (second time in three weeks!!) big powwow ensued, my public assistance got reduced (mixed feelings on this one, yay for making money but boo for making below minimum wage), big powwow IEP meeting and paperwork for my middle schooler, and…ok I think that’s it. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for not throwing myself over a bridge, staying somewhat cool and collected and making myself sandwiches as needed. (I NEVER prepare my own food…it just a weird thing about me). Oh! Our stove top burst into flames…almost…it sure tried…there were sparks everywhere! Good times. At least, good that I handled it all with grace and poise…errrr…somewhat…I did screech with the electrical fire, and I was a tiny bit adversarial and sarcastic with the “treatment teams”…But I wanted you all to know why sometimes I can’t paint and do videos. And how knowing you are here, eagerly awaiting my next post matters so very much. Here is a little watercolor or watercolour sketch for your enjoyment. I am not really a watercolorist. But it is a medium I enjoy on occasion. This particular occasion, I was out with my above oblivious trouble-maker son. We went to the park and painted together. Just us. This is what art is for me. A thread that connects me to everything. A big warm welcome to Laurie for joining my team!!! My patrons support is priceless to me.