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A long-thought-about card!
Today's card is a patron-supported one - and it's also one that's been on my mind for quite a few weeks! As soon as I saw the "Crazy Thoughts" stamp set, my mind went right to Roy Lichtenstein's art. I just didn't know if I could pull it off!

It took me a while to find all the stamp sets in a variety of places...I went to a couple LSSs and came home with one from each, then got the last one at Ellen Hutson---which was kinda funny, I was meeting her for dinner and *just* as she was leaving the office I saw a notification it was back in stock, so I sent her back to go pick up my quick order and bring it with her - she thought I was nuts, but I'm SO glad I finally got this card out of my system! 

There's a video by Gabe Bondoc, one of my favorite indy musicians, and he talks about songs that he "wants" to write vs "needs" to write. The want-to's are ideas he would like to create a song around. The need-to's just come out in one fell swoop and he can't *not* write it. Sometimes that's how a card just gets into my craw and won't let go.

Trivia heard this weekend: craw is something in the neck of a bird, thus when something sticks in your craw, it keeps you from singing til it's out. Though if you look on, craw is a bird's poop. Which, I suppose, may also keep you from singing. Maybe there's a vlog in here somewhere. 


Yes, it's Monday. Have a good one!