A Look Ahead
Hey guys - I'm back.

So, first thing you'll likely notice is this post taking place on my shiny new Patreon page. I don't want to give wrong impressions: Sylvanna and everything else I do are not moving into the pay-to-read realm - this page is my new blog for all things art related. Consolidation is good. I've been gone for so long, meaning to do it since before my hiatus, and so here it is!

In any event, I probably don't have to explain to any of you what all has transpired in my life since a year and a half ago. I've given out lots of refunds since the time after my husband's hospitalization (and rightly so) but I'm happy to report that I've had far more support from people to keep going. I appreciate it more than you guys will likely ever know.

I'd hoped my path would lead to cutting ties with 9-to-5 jobs by this point, but the fact is, the opposite is now true and I find myself working more now than ever. Not necessarily a bad thing, as we've since managed to establish a comfortable enough place for us to call home on my income alone. That said, Sylvanna is returning. 

Now, I have no idea what our update schedules are going to look like, but suffice to say, I'm going to get as many pages out in the coming months as I can. We have a book to finish, here!

Also, I invite you guys to check out my blogs and interact with me here on Patreon. All posts will be public, but I'm gonna be throwing some cool things at anyone who wants to put a buck in the jar, as it were. Check out the details: https://www.patreon.com/dawnbest AND if you have a Patreon, I'd love to give it a look and contribute as I'm able.

So you'll see an in-progress page attached to this post, and I've got a few things up on Patreon here so far for you to check out. Please enjoy -- see you soon!