Look At All These Chickens
So this is just an update (It's the first one in like a year or so but we don't have to focus on that Shhhh) on what Didjury Doo is going on. 

So there have been a slew of changes going on in my life from getting a full time job to getting my own place to having the sad feels. I haven't been this tired since college. 

Unfortunately this has gotten in the way of doing what I love and what you are helping support. I am deeply sorry about that and I wish I could actually get across how much of a dickweed I feel about it in just text. 

The biggest problem I'm having is time management. Working 40 - 60 hours a week on top of me moving to a new place two months ago and only recently finally fully moved in. I either don't know how to fit the time to work on projects or am too tired with also still having my chronic pain issues. I've never been that good at managing... much of anything really. 

I am starting to get some kind of footing with my time so hopefully soon I'll have a schedule for everything so that I can work and work at the same time. 

Right now what I'm planning on getting going are:

  • Frequent livestreams (at least three streams of two hours each)
  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly issues of The Purrfect Roommate
  • Bi-Weekly videos (speedpaints or voice videos or I may even get back into gaming videos)
  • Finished Illustrations every Week (full renders or paintings)
  • Monthly Tutorials (either in video form or like those posts you see on Tumblr or Pintrest)

So those are my plans as of right now. Once I get this being an Adult thing situated then I may add more. Maybe finally get back to giving rewards to patrons. Who knows.

So yeah.... how are you? Having a good day/week/month/year?