"Look At Me" Source Files- activating theory of mind networks - WebVR
  You can view the demo here 

The main ideas of this demo:

1. Activate brain networks responsible for “theory of mind” by having a bunch of eyes following you.

2. Create an environment that might be useful as exposure therapy for those suffering from social anxiety or fear of public speaking.

Theory of Mind – Is our brains ability to model that another person has a world model of their own. It allows us to reason about other people's mental states, their knowledge, beliefs, desires, and intentions.

When our eyes meet another persons’ eyes we know they are seeing us see them seeing us. This feedback loop might be the reason for the intense feeling we get when our eyes meet another’s. 

Through the eyes of others, we really do see our self being mirrored. 

Technical Stuff:

This is a WebVR project, which means that it can be experienced simply by navigating to it's url in a WebVR enabled browser (Firefox works out of the box now). A-Frame is a framework that makes creating VR experiences on the web really easy and fun, even if you don't know how to code. A-Frame School is a good introduction. 

I used Google Blocks to create the eye asset. Here's a tutorial on Blocks basics.  If you want to get started with using assets that others have made with Blocks, read this tutorial about Using Google’s Blocks with A-Frame 


Any VR hardware will work, Vive, Oculus, Samsung Gear, or even google cardboard. 

For most platforms the newest version of  Firefox should allow you to view  view this demo. Other wise follow the guide here: https://webvr.info 

After navigating to a supported browser in your VR platform of choice, navigate to this url and click the icon on the bottom of the WebVR window that looks like goggles to enter VR mode. 


Designed with WebGL using A-FRAME.

You can view source files on here, where I will be posting more in depth documentation on the technical and artistic pipeline for current and future iterations of the project. 

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