A Look Backward / A Look Forward

I pulled all the photos that represent 2017 for G,NA in my mind and made this little animation. It's always amazing to step back and look at what happened over the course of a year. Nearly all of these moments happened thanks to you, my patrons. You helped pay for studio time, flights, photography, filming, and more. And more than that, you encouraged me and continued to believe in me along the way, even when things didn't work out, or I was walking through rough patches. 

Looking ahead, I have high hopes for the new year. I want to name this new video/film series and start (if not finish) at least three pieces for the series. I want to take on more film scoring work and continue down the path of music in film. I want to make more videos, post more photos, and share more of the journey with you through Instagram, YouTube, and more. I want to write a bunch of songs for the new album. I want to sing and play on my friend's recordings. I want to find new ways to express myself through music, film, and art. 

Thank you for all you do, for me and for all the independent artists you support. I hope that 2018 brings you joy and fulfillment and connection along with everything else that makes up this human experience.

Love always, Sarah