Look! They are real!

Those of you who were with us back at the end of last year will remember the fanfare with which we announced that we had reached our goal of $300, and that everyone was going to receive a T Shirt to help us celebrate. Well, it's been a long time coming. And, to be honest, with all the un-scheduled delays we've had this year, we're surprised we've even managed to get them ready by now! But here they are. 

Liz lugged them all the way from Thailand to London, and now that the padded envelopes and personalised cards have arrived too, she's ready to send them.

Let's all hope the great British post office is able to cope with all these gifts, which will be winging their way round the world in the next few days. 

We PROMISE that when we reach $800, the next T shirts will not take six months to deliver! They shouldn't, because we now have an excellent supplier called Martin right here on Phuket... 

Peace and fair winds,

Liz, Jamie and Millie  

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